Twitter campaign

Server Message:

How does this work? (Please read me carefully before using the service)

Waiting time before your tx appear on is between 1 min - 30 mins

The twitter account must have > 50 followers and account must be created 1 month ago, no exception. If your account does not meet the requirement, please try to add more friends and wait

Twitter API error ???, try comeback later, If you keep receiving this error many times, maybe it's because you set your tweet to be private, we can't see your tweet, How to make your tweet public

Error message from ETH network (nonce too low, gas too low): Try again, it will be automatically solved.

Twitter link format allowed: only the format looks like this: is accepted, The tweet id is the number at the end. Please delete any trailing thing at the end and leave the link end with a tweetid. For example: the link like is not accepted, delete the ?ref_src=tw_abcd_bla_bla at the end of your tweet link before submitting.

Important: We show the number of users online to let you know how busy the faucet is at the moment. If you encounter error saying something about nonce, just wait a few more hours / days. The fund is still there, you don't need to rush. Please be patient as we are trying our best to ensure a fair airdrop. Thanks for your understanding.

This Mankind First campaign is to distributing MKF to users and to promoting MKF on twitter. Anyone having a Twitter account (with more than 50 followers) may request funds ONCE after following MKF Twitter Account and tweet about us using the format below:

3 simple steps to receive 30K MKF:
1: Follow MKF on twitter:
2: Then click Click me to tweet and change 0xYOUR_ETHER_ADDRESS to your ethereum address (don't delete any space charater in the tweet format).
3: Copy-paste the tweets URL into the above input box and fire away!

Side notes:

Don't hesitate to try again if you encounter Server message saying some error happens, try again after a few hours before contacting us.

Donations GAS FEE to the campaign are welcome: Twitter Campaign Address

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